Terms and ConditionsParticipant conditions Goudse Keramiekdagen

  • The Gouda Ceramics Days are held every year on (Thursday) Ascension Day and the following Friday. The ceramists who take part in the Gouda Ceramics Days have been invited by the organization to register, or have registered on their own initiative.
  • The candidate participant should fill in the digital registration form and add 5 photos of your work, of which at least one photo must be of your presentation at a previous ceramics venue or a test set-up at home or school.
  • You must also digitally provide a CV and a brief description of your work.
  • The date whereby you have to be registered will be announced each year.
  • The selection commitee will inform the registered ceramists whether they have been admitted or rejected. This decision is final. Registration is final only once the invoice for participation has been paid and the participant has digitally confirmed participation. In case of a no-show, or if you cancel after March 15th, no refund is possible.
  • The participant will receive a market stall of approximately 1.20 x 4 meters, with a neutral coloured canopy.
  • Cars cannot remain anywhere on the market square. They should be removed by 10am on both mornings. Information for the designated parking area will follow.
  • Our assistants will be ready to help you with information from 7am Thursday. You will be asked to choose a stall within a certain section of the market. This will be on the principle of first come first served within this section.
  • The participants are obliged to be on time, so that the stands are ready by 10am each morning. The participant is not allowed to vacate the stand before 5pm, either Thursday or Friday.
  • In your information envelope (to be received Thursday morning) is a card with your personal participant name and number. This must be attached to the stall for the duration of the market.
  • The participant is only allowed to display and sell ceramic work made by the registered ceramist.
  • The organization reserves the right to remove any work from the market that does not correspond to the quality as shown on the photos used to apply.
  • Between 8 and 10am Thursday morrning participants should hand in your exhibition piece. This work is exhibited and will be assessed by the public and also by a professional jury which is selected each year by the organization. The jury’s choice is obligatory. The winner of the first prize will be invited to take part in the professional jury at next years festival.
  • Participation during the Gouda Ceramics Days and the associated activities is done entirely at your own risk. The board of the foundation Gouda Keramiekstad can not be held liable for damage caused by storm or by visitors and / or other participants.
  • By registering the participant declares to agree with these participant conditions.

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